Scotland Tour 2019 Day 0: Oxford to Edinburgh by 🚂

I’m counting my journey to Edinburgh as the start of my Scottish adventure. After some last minute packing and adding a few extra things in (I decided that my diary would be worth taking as a luxury item!), I cycled down to Oxford Station, going a little faster than usual on the downhills! I was in good time for my train and used some mammoth strength to load the bike on, panniers and all!

My adventure partner waiting patiently for the train at Oxford Station

I was then on the train from around 10:15 to 16:30, with a change at York. Even though I’d only booked my ticket the evening before after my last minute decision to join Jessie for some of her Scottish adventures, I managed to get both myself and my bike booked on to Edinburgh for only £50 – a good start to the trip! On the train I made the most of the time to catch up on diary writing and also chatted to Liz and Gill, friendly retired ladies on different parts of my journey who were both interested in my trip and shared advice, recommendations for Scotland and anecdotes of their youthful adventures!

Hello Edinburgh!

When I got to Edinburgh it was drizzling, but much better weather than last June! Ruth came to find me at the station and we walked to Haymarket and then cycled to her house from there!

We had a lovely relaxed evening with home made soup and lots of catching up to do! It also helps that Alex and Ruth have a very extensive Edinburgh cycling map collection – definitely helped me with not getting immediately lost the next day!

The extensive Quenkins cycle map collection


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