LEJOG Day 8 – Dumfries to Irvine

LEJOG day 8! Oh hello hills 👋 I hadn’t missed you! Today we cycled 77.7 miles and climbed 3837ft, crossing from Dumfries & Galloway into East Ayrshire, South Ayrshire and North Ayrshire!
Starting the day off true to form with a county sign selfie

Today the hills were back with a vengeance, making me feel like all I said earlier in the week about getting stronger on them and learning how to climb them has gone out the window! No, I hadn’t magically got better at hills, it’s just that the hills for the last few days have been smaller, or perhaps I was having an off day today? Either way today was tough!! My bottom hurts, my legs are tired of hills and my lips are chapped, however much lipsalve I put on!

One of the many gorgeous views on Day 8

Of course, with the hills also came the views! More stunning scenery, with green fields hemmed by distant mountains and to my delight this morning we came across some highland cattle with big horns and hairy coats!

Love at first sight – hairy coos!
Sava and I in front of a very reflective lake that we just happened to notice and go back to as we were cycling past
the lake B+W (Ian’s influence here!)
Selfie expertise with Ian and Rachel
Those views!

working our way through all the Ayrshires
One of my favourite sign photos of the whole trip. Those poor bright yellow socks never recovered walking on the grass, but I couldn’t stand on my bike in cleats!

Something that has amazed us is how light it is here, I’m writing this now at half 10 and it’s still light as day here! Long may this good weather continue, although it has meant that I am the first person to have had heat rash in Scotland on a Great Bear Tour – now that’s certainly one for the record books!

Tanned tired legs at the end of Day 8
A well-earned glass of wine for the girls!
I took this picture at 10 to 10. That’s how light it was up there!

Tomorrow we’re off past Glasgow and up into the highlands, 75 miles and lots more climbing!


Here’s the day’s ride on Strava:

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