LEJOG Day 5 – Telford to Preston

LEJOG day 5! 85 miles, 2881 ft of climbing and three counties! We have now cycled 403 miles in 5 days and got all the way to The North from the bottom of Cornwall just using our own legs. How amazing is that?!

Starting the day with smiles in the sunshine! 🙂

Today we were treated once again to bright sunshine and blue skies and my panda tan is building despite my best efforts with the suncream! I think I can blame the contrast partly on my super reflective sunglasses?

Sunshine on the shiny shiny glasses!

This morning was just one of those ‘aren’t we lucky’ mornings. One of those ones where you really appreciate being able to cycle, be outside and have the freedom to explore. We whizzed along between high hedges and green fields dotted with bright red poppies, and dipped into more villages of rose-covered houses. The Shropshire and Cheshire countryside is really such a treat!

Shropshire views!
The whole group together towards the start of the day.
I loved these poppies. One of my favourite photos of the trip!

Sava and I plus poppies in the sunshine.

After taking time to admire the Shropshire poppies we crossed the border into Cheshire!

This one wasn’t a selfie, and I can’t remember who took it for us!
Nice lie down for the bikes while we took photos!

We stopped in Nantwich for a break at around 30 miles in and found a café with the best cake selection we have seen so far (though continuing the theme of the trip 4/5 of us went for the same one – carrot cake!) yummy! 😋

Nantwich in the sunshine
All the cake! I promise I only had one slice really… but it didn’t leave me hungry!
Perhaps we there was a little faffing going on judging by these poses!

Sadly once we crossed the canal over a rather impressive, if slightly decrepit, wrought iron bridge into Warrington, the ride became more about getting through the miles with endless traffic and red lights. We were starving by the time we had a picnic lunch bought from a local bakery in a hectic, jammed and miserable town on the other side. Well you’ve got to have some not so good experiences to appreciate all the good ones!

Another county down!
The Latchford Swing bridge, crossing the Manchester Ship Canal into Warrington. I’ll spare you any photos of the town itself!

After this we worked on ticking off the remaining 19 miles into Preston, working well as a group and jubilantly stopping for another county sign photo when we hit Lancashire!

Hello Lancashire!

To me this really is the far north, I wouldn’t drive this far, so I am so amazed by how far we’ve come! One more day of England tomorrow, heading up to Carlisle, then it’s on to Scotland! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Here’s the day’s ride on Strava:

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