LEJOG Day 3 – Wellington to Quedgeley

Day three was a tough day on the bike.  I’d heard before the trip that Devon and Cornwall would be some of the toughest days and having got through all those hills I thought that it would be a little easier from then on.  It turns out I was a little wrong, the hills certainly continued and I think day three was probably one of the hardest, if not the hardest day of the trip!

After a night in our rather smart hotel we set off into the drizzle, which continued for most of the morning.  It was tough going with tired legs so our first cake stop early on was very much appreciated!

A nice warm hot chocolate and large slice of cake on a drizzly day = recipe for a big smile!

Hello North Somerset! Grinning or grimacing at the top of the hill?

Fuelled by the cake we headed up a big hill that took us into North Somerset, and then onto the highlight of the day for me – crossing the Clifton Suspension bridge into Bristol.  This was a great landmark to reach and of course an opportunity to stop for photos!

A well-known Bristol landmark – Clifton Suspension Bridge.
The first of many ‘bike above my head shots’ Thank goodness it’s carbon!
Our little team on the bridge!
Girls’ bikes!

My second highlight of the day was a tasty lunch in the lovely Marmalade Cafe in Clifton.  After a couple of days of reasonably stodgy garden centre food it was so good to have a choice of different fresh food!  The cafe had no garden, but we sat at the front watching our bikes while we enjoyed our lunch.  A big thank you to Jimmy for this recommendation – appreciated by the whole group!

A nice change from garden centre food! Delicious wrap at The Marmalade Cafe in Bristol – I’d definitely recommend it if you’re passing!
Puncture repairs!

After lunch (and a little puncture repairing) the sun came out and gave us the boost we need to whizz out of Somerset and into Gloucester.  The five of us were working as a great team by then, eating up the miles in a sort of 5 up TTT formation.  Not that I felt quite so whizzy on the hills where I always seemed to be at the back!

Hello Gloucestershire!

Quedgeley – our destination for the day!

At last, 84.7 miles and 3360ft of elevation gain later, we’d made it to Quedgeley!  Time for a good stretch and my first drink of the trip – some nice scrumpy cider when we got into our hotel that evening – thanks Carl!  That night I was too tired to write much so have added to it since, based on that day’s postcard, my photos and memories of how I felt on the day!

What I did say at the time though was:

LEJOG Day 3! Hard work today again! I’m just so tired so more updates will have to wait until I’ve had a chance to rest! Today we cycled 84.7 miles with 3360 ft of elevation gain! It feels like a whistlestop tour of the country, (except for when I’m plodding up yet another hill!) tomorrow evening we’ll be in Shropshire! Highlights of the day definitely include crossing Clifton Suspension bridge into Bristol, lunch in a lovely café (thanks for the recommendation Jimmy!) and 5up TTing through the North and South Somerset and Gloucestershire countryside! And how could I forget? My first drink since we started – some nice scrumpy cider when we got back to the hotel this evening! ‘Low’lights include very tired legs on the hills, my second camera bracket snapping off (no more shakey videos I’m afraid!) and just feeling very tired!

Earlier night tonight and let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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Thank you 😊

Being good – a little post-ride stretching while enjoying a cup of scrumpy cider!

Here’s the day’s ride on Strava:

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