About Me

I’m a triathlete, marketeer and appreciator and am lucky enough to live and work in Oxford surrounded by my OxfordTri friends and enjoy frequent trips to France as part of my work.  I discovered my love of the great outdoors and fortified my have a go attitude while living in Grenoble in 2012 and started triathlon in my final year back at Warwick.

Since my first 10k swim for The Contented Dementia Trust in 2013, and sprint triathlons a few years later, I have progressed to running half marathons, my first few marathons and qualifying for the GB Age Group team for Middle Distance (Half Ironman) Triathlon – something that I wouldn’t have even dreamed was possible 5 years ago.  After a few intense years of training and racing, this year I have diversified a bit, both out of choice and necessity.

My big event for 2018 was cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research.  This journey refreshed my perspective on what I do and why as I rejoiced in cycling through beautiful countryside and learned to relax into long days on the bike.  This, coupled with spending much of this triathlon season injured has given me time not only to redevelop this website but also think about motivation for doing what I do leading me to diversify into more adventures and spontaneity than I’ve had in years. Time out from ‘serious’ training and time chasing has allowed me to rediscover other things that make me happy like catching up with friends, spending time outdoors, going to the theatre and reading in the sunshine.

I’m taking time to look for and appreciate finding joy in my everyday adventures and hope that you enjoy sharing them with me. 🙂